Chris Woodall

Technology Librarian & Developer


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SU Libraries iOS App

This is an iOS app that I developed for use by Salisbury University students. It allows access to all kinds of services that the library provides, including study room reservations, chatting with a librarian to get research help, building maps, catalog search, and much more.


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Register iOS App

Register provides quick access to the fingerings for every note on the Boehm-system clarinet, from low E all the way up to high C. You'll never have to lug out a fingering book again! In addition, this app includes the standard trill fingerings for every note, in both half- and whole-step increments. You can also keep comments for each fingering in the app, so you can keep track of the characteristics of each fingering as it plays on your own instrument. And unlike most fingering charts, this app also includes fingerings that use the left E-flat key that is present on many high-end clarinets.


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Gizmo iOS App

Gizmo is created with much of the same code as Register, but with new graphics and data to make it a Flute fingering chart.